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How to play Saturday Lotto?

Playing Saturday Lotto is great fun and the game has simple rules. The traditional paper tickets for the Saturday Lotto lottery can be bought at many stationary outlets in Australia. Thanks to our website you can play Saturday Lotto online – all you need is a pc, tablet or mobile phone with Internet access.

Choose 6 numbers from from 1 to 45. During the draw, 2 extra numbers are also drawn.

To claim the jackpot you must correctly pick all 6 numbers. Extra numbers apply to lower prize tiers.

The winner who correctly picks all 6 numbers receives a fixed prize from AUD 1,000,000 to AUD 4,000,000.

Saturday Lotto superdraws

The Australian lottery several times a year offers so-called super draws. The minimum prize pool to be won in Super Draws is AUD 20,000,000. If none of the players wins the main prize – there is a rollover that increases the prize pool for the next Saturday Lotto superdraw.

An attractive pool of prizes to be won makes the Saturday Lotto superdraws very popular among players not only in Australia. Thanks to our website, you can also take part in the next superdraw – maybe you will fulfill the dream of being a lotto millionaire?

How to increase Saturday Lotto chances of winning

If you want to increase the chances of winning the Australian lottery – encourage your family and friends to play. Playing with a group allows you to buy a larger number of tickets, and take advantage of a greater number of chances to win. Remember that if you win, you will have to split the cash prize among all members of the group.

Take part in each draw – play every Saturday. Remember not to miss the Saturday Lotto superdraw, in which the prize pool is much higher than in the regular draws. The golden rule of lottery millionaires: never skip the draw of your favorite lottery.

Remember that you have exactly the same chances of winning the Saturday Lotto as any other player. There are no secret methods and system to predict which numbers will be drawn. Believe in yourself and your luck, buy a Saturday Lotto lottery ticket and keep your fingers crossed for the results of the draw to make all your dreams come true.