Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I earn money by sending a link?

Automatically after your first lottery-game you get your account in our passive income system.

Check your emails.
You earn a substantial passive income – we share a portion of every ticket amount with you. Also we share a portion of every ticket with charitys.
That is what we do:
Charity social gaming!

And you earn from your followers and also you earn from their followers and so on.

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I’ve got some doubts. Who can I contact?

In case of any doubts or questions, feel free to contact our support team. You can check the available communication channels info on the Contact page.

Is DoubleJack the organizer of the offered lotteries?

No. Each of the lotteries is organized by a company eligible to organize lotteries in the area of local availability. DoubleJack offers a courier service, allowing the user to buy lottery tickets offered on the website.

Is it a pyramid system of some sort?

No, it isn´t. The main party piece of DoubleJack.Club is the revenue sharing of the purchased tickets between the players and our charities. There is no investment whatsoever needed to join and you are not obliged to purchase any product and then resell it to make money from home.

Once you invite your friends and followers with the link at the “INVITE” section of your affiliate management system, their ticket revenue will be shared with you and our charities on a monthly basis. Once your friends and followers will invite their friends, it will multiply to you too, forever, and they will earn a passive income, too. It is pure fairness with a bit of mathematics that will help us to achieve our mission of becoming the largest charity.

Many people ask us every day, why this idea has not been invented decades ago, because this fairness should have been introduced to the gaming market initially.

We are the world’s fastest growing charity social gaming community. Every purchased lottery ticket will benefit you and our charities.

Help us to become the largest charity community in the world!

Is this service available in all countries?

Due to license requirements our services of DoubleJack.Online are not available in the United States of America, France and Poland. Hence it is not possible to buy lottery tickets from the territories of these countries at the moment.

The services of DoubleJack.Club are of course available in these countries regardless.