Our Charities

Giving to charitable causes is the core part of the DNA of doublejack.club, as we see more than two million charities on this planet that are in need of better ways of funding. We help these charitable organisations to take their funding to entirely new levels and also to automate and protect fundraising methods against all sorts of crisis, pandemic implications and economic downturns.

With doublejack.club there are several ways for us all to support charitable organizations:

First of all we spend a significant part of our own profits on charities on from our pockets, from every lottery ticket that is bought and every game that is played, by our entire community. Here are examples of charities that we are already increasingly supporting:


Secondly, many of our business and private customers regularly spend parts of their substantial doublejack.club commissions, on their own passive income to the charities of their choice, mainly in the regions where their businesses are located. Our affiliated hotels are holding events to hand out cheques to their favourite charities in their communities, which raises their positive perception within their local communities and beyond.

Thirdly, hotels and businesses of all kinds may invite all the charities that they would like to support on a regular basis, with their own invitation link, and promote the charities’ link and QR code in the hotel or at the business locations as well as online to their guests and customers, and also to the existing donors of these charities. In respective events this can be explained to the donors and be celebrated in the particular hotel or business venue, creating again a increase in positive perception and increasing the likelihood to win a repeat guest to the hotel or business from heartfelt the connection made.

This will help the chosen charities to put their fundraising efforts on autopilot and at the same time will still be beneficial for the hotels:


This method also creates regular gala events at the hotel, where the raised funds can be celebrated with the supporters.

We hope this helps you to decide how to support charities best and how to contribute to our mission.

Our best contributors will be invited to hand in cheques to our charities at regular gala events that we are holding across the globe.

We would love to meet you at one of our events soon.