Join the cosmic quest for space stardom! Discover your path to becoming a SpaceHero Astronaut candidate in the world's largest casting show. It's free and open to creators and brands alike. Fuel your dreams of reaching the stars today!

Yes, it is free indeed! 

Only a bit of your time is required and a bit of guts to make it through the round of the last 24 SpaceHero Astronaut candidates during the world’s biggest casting show.

Find all the details on the provided link below.

This is mainly for creators with a large following, but one could also think of brands wanting to bring their products to space first, literally fuelled by their customers. Thinking of celebrity brands of all kinds, it needs to fit into the space ship of course.

Should you not make it to space, there are some benefits that will come along with this challenge and will remain with all participants for a lifetime:

  • You will probably earn a multiple income compared with all other social platforms.
  • You will truly own your followers exclusively in your own database forever. Every follower is yours, and yours alone. Let that sink in.
  • You will not be separated from your followers by any algorithms anymore. You have always full access to your followers directly.
  • You will be enabled to monetize and multiply your following for a lifetime, as your subaffiliates will attract more followers by becoming creators for you. You will create jobs among your followers.
  • You will be enabled to convert your following to doublejack and retire on a compounding lifetime income. Never thought of this? Now it is solved for you already before you did.
  • You will experience automated payments exactly when you expect it. No debates, no strings attached.

Start your journey to space now. 

Time matters, you have to be fast to be ahead. Or above. You know what to do.