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Stream with Phil Ranta - We are verified LA

Stream with Phil Ranta – We are verified LA

doublejack is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch the live stream of Phil Ranta, COO of WeAreVerified ( in partnership with doublejack and moderated with Dale Dunn, CSO of doublejack.

Phil is going live on Kick streaming slots, to give back and grow his community.

Please join us on and enjoy the stream!

We will be going live Saturday the 22nd of July at 05h00 GMT.

We will show you how to make $ 500,000 a month with doublejack in three simple steps.
This will also qualify you for our next Great doublejack race (aka gumball) – across the continent.
On top of that you can win your supercar for the race. So, stay tuned, we will show you how easy it is.

We look forward sharing our goal for making a positive change in the not only the Igaming industry but all our lives Daily.