doublejack – is giving back. The doublejack song.

doublejack - is giving back. The doublejack song.

The song doublejack – is giving back was written and composed by Bill Bogaardt, which includes the words and the music. He wrote it, after a zoom call with some friends and partners from the doublejack team, Danielle and Deb, and he was so inspired, by doublejack’s philosophy of “doing good”, “feeling good”, and “being good”, that he wrote this song. Bill was assisted by his Brothers, Rick who played Bass, and Archie, who designed the Drum sounds

He believes in the platform that doublejack offers, which is what inspired him to write the song because everyone that is “giving back to Charities all over the world”, becomes a WINNER!

Performed from Bill Bogaardt, Ted Okos from Doug and the Slugs and Ray Roper from Stonebolt.

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