4 Different Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

Different players have different strategies for picking lottery numbers to try and earn money by playing games. Some people choose by luck and pick random numbers based on their gut feelings, while some like to invest their time and analyze the previous records to follow the pattern.

Lottery Numbers—How “Random” are They?

The nature of the lottery numbers has been a heated argument over the last many years. Some people promise to have cracked the code for lottery numbers, while renowned game makers and analysts have stated that the numbers are chosen randomly that no software in the world can predict beforehand.

The truth is—every number in the lottery has an equal probability of being the lucky number. But randomizing your choice against a number that’s already random decreases your chances of winning to a large extent.

Instead, it’s better to perform some math and take a quick look at the previous winnings to determine what numbers generally appear on the list and the ones that never do. Almost all the players have different strategies to pick their numbers—some of them are listed below:

Ways to Pick a Lottery Number

Study the Pattern

Most people, including the top lottery winners in the world, try to familiarize themselves with the pattern of numbers. The numbers that often appear to be the winning numbers are called hot numbers. For example, 31 tends to appear on Powerball winnings more than any other number.

Similarly, some numbers are rarely there. These numbers are called cold numbers. Better and mature players avoid these numbers as compared to the hot ones.

Astrology and Numerology

If you’re superstitious and believe in the power of the universe to shape your fortunes, you might find yourself using this strategy to pick out your lotto. Numerology is the study of cosmic power that affects our fortune. People use numerology experts to generate numbers to pick out the lotto.

Lucky Numbers

Some people use important dates and events or even their phone numbers to pick out the numbers in the lottery. There is no scientific explanation behind it, but it is just a matter of sentiment for people to believe that if a specific number did well before, it might as well do so again.

Leave it to the Machine

What has the power to defeat a super-strong machine? Another super-strong machine. Some people like to leave their chances on a quick pick—which means you let a machine choose your numbers for you.

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